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Experience effortless referencing and researching in “Arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution methods” by utilizing the Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (RCICAL) specialized ADR Library with its frequently updated Texts, Journals, Newsletters etc. featuring and such titles as:

“Dispute  Resolution  Guides” – [Peter L.D. Ambrumenil]; “Expert Determination” – [John Kendall]; “The Law Relating to Arbitration And Conciliation” - [A.C. Marakanda]; “Law And Practice of Arbitration And Conciliation in Nigeria” – [J.O. Orojo and M.A. Ajomo]; “The Sanctuary House Case” – [D. Mark Cato]; “Arbitration  Practice  in  Construction Contracts” – [Douglas A. Stephenson]; “International Commercial Arbitration” – [Chukwuemerie]; “International Commercial Arbitration And The Courts” – [H. Smit, V. Pechota]; “Parker School Guides to International  Arbitration  (Arbitration  Rules  -  National Institutions)"  - [H. Smit,  V.  Pechota];  “Parker   School   Guides  to  International  Arbitration – Commercial  Arbitration – An  International  Bibliography” - [H. Smit,  V.  Pechota];  “Smit’s   Guides  to  International   Arbitration  Law – National Arbitration Laws” - [H. Smit, V. Pechota]; “Smit’s Guides to International Arbitration - The Roster of International Arbitrators” - [H. Smit, V. Pechota]; “Arbitration Practice and Procedure - Interlocutory And Hearing Problems” – [D. Mark Cato); “Bernstein’s  Handbook  of  Arbitration  &  Dispute  Resolution Practice” – [John Tackaberry Q.C., Arthur Marriott Q.C.]; “International  Commercial  Arbitration  -  New  York  Convention”;  - [Giorgio Gaja]; “Law  and  Practice  of  International  Commercial  Arbitration” – [Alan Redfern and Martin Hunter]; “Handbook of Arbitration Practice” – [Ronald Bernstein, John Tackaberry, Arthur Marriott, Derek Wood] “Russel on the Law of Arbitration” – [Anthony Walton, Q.C. and Mary Victoria, Ph.D, LL.B]; “Confidentiality” – [R.G. Toulson, M.A., LL.B and C.M. Phipps, M.A]; “Enforcement of Foreign Judgments” – [Dennis Campbell];  “Arbitration Laws of China” – [Edited by The Legislative Affairs Commission of The Standing Committee of The National Peoples Congress of The Peoples Republic  of  China]; “Construction  &  Engineering  Arbitration” – [Peter Sheridan]; “Arbitration Law – Judicial Control” – [Lloyd’s Commercial Law Library]; “ Arbitration Law” – [Robert Merkin; Consultant - Barlow Lyde and Gilbert]; “The Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Law Journals” – [General Editor, Andrew Burr, Assistant Editors Deborah Tremer, Nabarro Nathanson, Peter Aeberli]; “ADR & The Law” – [A Report of The American Arbitration Association; The Fordham International Law Journal and The Fordham Urban Law Journal]; “Commercial Arbitration” – [Mustill and Boyd]; “Arbitration Rules – International Institutions” – [H.  Smit, V. Pechota]; “Arbitration  Forms   and  Precedents – (Arbitration and ADR Practice)” – [Robert Merkin and Julian Critchlow]; “The  Law  and  Practice  Relating  to Appeals from Arbitration Awards” – [D. Rhidian Thomas]; “The Expert in Litigation and Arbitration” – [D. Mark Cato]; “International Commercial Disputes” – [Jonathan Hill]; “ADR Principles and Practice” – [Henry Brown, Arthur Marriott]; Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution in Africa” – [Dr. C.J. Amasike]; “Practical Guides – Costs in Arbitration Proceedings” – [Michael D. Reilly]; “Construction Claims” – [John K. Sykes]; “Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Journal” – [Kevin N. Nwosu]; “Russell on Arbitration” – [David St. John  Sutton,  Judith  Gill]; “The  Mareva Injuction and Related Orders” – [Mark S.W. Hoyle]; “Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments” – [Adrian Briggs and Peter Rees]; “International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Directory” – [Martindale – Hubbell]; “Development and The Rule of Law in the WTO” – (The Case for Developing countries  and  their  use of Dispute Settlement Procedures) – [Intan Murnira Ramli]; “Private Dispute Resolution in International Business” – (Negotiation,  Mediation,  Arbitration)” – [Klaus Peter Berger]; “Arbitration and Conciliation Laws of The Federation of Nigeria – Chapter A18, Laws of The Federation of Nigeria (LFN 2004)”

Referencing of Articles and Journals online from the Centre’s Library will soon commence.

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