Initiation of the Arbitration Process
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Article 6 of the RCICAL Rules for Arbitration will apply:

    Article 6

    6.1    The party wishing to initiate arbitration under the Rules (“the Claimant’”) shall deliver to the other
            party “(the Respondent)” Notice of Arbitration.

    6.2    Arbitral proceedings shall be deemed to commence on the date on which the Notice of
            Arbitration is received by the Respondent.

    6.3     The Notice of Arbitration shall include the following:
    (a)     A demand that the dispute be referred to arbitration;
    (b)     The names and addresses of the parties; may also include their telephone, fax numbers and
              email addresses;
    (c)     A reference to the arbitration clause or the separate arbitration agreement that is invoked;
    (d)     A copy of the contract or the document out of or in relation to which the dispute arises;
    (e)     The general nature of the claim and an indication of the amount involved, if any;
    (f)       The relief or remedy sought;
    (g)     A proposal as to the number of arbitrators (namely one or three), if the parties have not  
              previously agreed thereon.

    6.4    The Notice of Arbitration may also include:

    (a)     The proposals for the appointment of a sole arbitrator referred to in Article 9;
    (b)     The notification of the appointment of an arbitrator referred to in Article 10;
    (c)     The Statement of Claim referred to in Article 21.

    6.5    A Request for Arbitration shall be submitted to the Centre by the Claimant with as many copies
            as there are other parties “(Respondents)”,  together with copies for the Tribunal, and such
            Request shall include the prescribed registration fee.

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